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How Effective Are Mobile Billboards 1024x576 1 1024x576 - How Effective Are Mobile Billboards?
But How Effective Is It?
  • An American Trucking Association study found that ads on trucks were noticed by 98% of people in cars.
  • The European Outdoor Advertising Association found that truck marketing boosted name recognition 15 times MORE than any other form of advertising.
  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of America calculates that each truck can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per DAY.
  • RYP & Becker Group claim vehicle marketing results in a 97% message recall compared to a 19% retention for stationary signs.
  • Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. found an 80% recall of specific ads.
  • The Transportation Advertising Council found 97% recall rates.
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Sweet! I never knew they were so solid! Definitely something to look into when I start my new business.

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