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The “Rule Of 7” Is A Good Barometer For How Long To Run Your Billboard Campaign – The Longer You Run, The More Positive Touches You Achieve.

In marketing, the Rule of 7 refers to how many times you need to connect, or touch base, with a consumer through advertising before you make a sale.  This can be varied based on industry, goals, target consumers and advertising channels used.  Honestly, this number is based on familiarity with your brand and how much a consumer trusts in you.

If there is already a familiarity and comfort level between you and the consumer, there could be a case where they impulse buy from your store, in which only one touch was needed.  When you are building your brand or creating a trust with the customer, it could be 3, 5, 12, etc. touches based on the variables listed above.  Usually, and you might find this to be true for billboards, 7 touches can create enough of a bond to generate a sale.

Billboard advertising are an effective strategy but they shouldn’t be the only form of advertising that you do.  You should always have as many advertising channels at work for you as you possibly can.  All of these working together is what a most successful marketing plan is all about.

This rule is a great indicator of how long you should run a billboard ad.  Take into consideration the consumer who sees your ad.  They will be traveling that same route habitually but they may not always see your ad.  This can be due to what time of day it is, where they’re going, who’s in the car with them, if they’re rushed or worried, etc.  You can not expect them to see your billboard once or twice and decide to buy.  They need several touches with this ad so the longer you run a billboard campaign, the more interactions it will generate and the higher the chance you will increase sales.

Aside from running your ad for at least a month, you can also draw their attention more easily by paying attention to the design and message of your billboard.  By creating appealing ads, you are more likely to have the average consumer notice it.  Another great way to increase the likelihood of being seen is by using mobile billboards.  By their very nature – going straight to the consumer and appearing in places ads are not usually seen – they attract attention.

The important takeaway is that you need several interactions with a potential buyer in order to make them an actual customer.  The longer you run your ad, the more attractive your design and message and utilizing unique channels such as mobile billboards can all help you connect with consumers more and on a deeper level.

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