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How Effective Is Billboard Advertising  1024x1024 - How Effective Is Billboard Advertising?

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • Outdoor Advertising accounts for 26% of search activation
  • 5 in 10 adults in the United States have used a search engine to research something from outdoor advertising in the past six months
  • 40% of adults have visited an organizations social media page or even posted on that page after seeing an outdoor ad

We’ve already covered the fact that People Are Seeing And Remembering Billboard Ads more than any other type of ad media format but does it spur them into action?  Looking at the statistics garnered from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, you can see that outdoor campaigns compel consumers to research a company or product online.  In fact, according to OAAA’s Nancy Fletcher, “OOH campaigns boost online engagement more than any other traditional media can.”

The big booster behind out of home advertising working so much better is due to advances in mobile technology.  Mobile boosts every form of marketing and billboards are no different.  More billboard ads are focusing on bringing the viewer into the online environment to interact with the company’s website, social media pages, etc.  It’s this integration mixed with eye-catching designs and the uniqueness of mobile billboard ads that has made this type of advertising so effective.

It’s important to maximize your ROI (return on investment) by advertising across multiple channels at once and billboard ads have been shown to increase engagement, not just in itself, but across the board.  Outfront Media found that consumers were 50% more likely to engage with a mobile ad after seeing the same ad in some outdoor advertising first.  The new generation of consumers are veering further from social media and television ads and trusting out of home advertising on a larger scale.  If your target audience spans across many demographic brackets, you should be incorporating outdoor advertising into your marketing plan to boost overall performance and reach multiple levels of consumer.

With tv and print ads declining in prominence and outdoor ads growing steadily for 31 consecutive quarters (it’s estimated to be a $33 Billion industry by 2021), the proof is right in front of us.  With continued growth and the boost it gives to other channels as well as customer engagement, it’s safe to say that billboard advertising has more than shown how effective it is and can be.

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