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Let’s cut to the chase.  You need to market your business and came across mobile billboard advertising.  While it seems intriguing compared to traditional advertising and stationary billboards, you simply want to know what are the benefits of mobile billboard advertising for your business.  Here are some of the main reasons mobile billboards have continued to explode over the years…

Targeting – You can easily interact with your target audience in key areas.  Unlike typical advertising where you cast a wide net or have limited options for narrowing down your marketing field, mobile billboards can drive directly into a neighborhood, event or commercial location most frequented by your consumer.

Cost – Mobile billboards cost far less than traditional advertising and even stationary billboards.  They are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising because you are able to get more impressions for less.

Flexible – Mobile billboard advertising is extremely flexible – you can change routes, target locations or even your message based on the data you collect as the campaign is underway.  Most marketing is pre-set and needs to be run until the end or simply can’t be altered quickly.  Mobile billboards doesn’t have such restrictions and is one of the most adaptable forms of marketing available today.

Size – The sheer size of your ad eye-level to consumers and the uniqueness of having it rolling by in unexpected places naturally peaks curiosity.  In fact, mobile billboards catch attention so well that 97% of those who see them can recall the message at a later date or time.  This bodes well when they’re in the store or surfing the net for the exact product or service that you offer.

Excitement Factor – Mobile billboard ads can raise the excitement level for consumers, especially if they tie in to a local event, like sports or culture.  Consumers are already intrigued by the size and delivery of mobile billboards so equating it to their neighborhood or favorite sports team only adds to their enjoyment of the ad.

No Competition – The downside to online marketing, newspapers, television, and digital ads is that you often share space with other businesses.  This clutter can distract the consumer from focusing on your ad.  With mobile billboards, you share the space with no one, allowing the consumer, who is already intrigued by an ad rolling in front of them in the oddest place, to absorb the message you are sending.

Real-Time Data – A huge advantage to mobile billboard advertising is that you can study the effects of the campaign in real-time.  Many companies offer the ability to track your rolling ad or even see stats for how many people are engaging with it, what the busiest times/places in their day are, etc.  This is priceless because you can then use this data to tweak your campaign and increase the effectiveness.  For instance, if you notice that the area you thought was a hot-spot for your target consumer isn’t performing as well as an area across town, you may switch times or swap locations completely until you find a sweet spot in advertising that area.  It also helps you uncover additional opportunities such as locations or a demographic you hadn’t initially factored.

Collaboration – Mobile billboard advertising works beautifully with other mediums.  It supports a smartphone or digital campaign and can amplify that reach by 316%, according to NinthDecimal.  Your message can drive direct action or become a key component of strengthening another arm of your overall campaign.  Not every marketing tool is as flexible, adaptable or intriguing as mobile billboards and can boast playing as nicely in the sandbox as they can.

In the end, the benefits of mobile billboard advertising are numerous and incredible.  They can be a boon for your business by themselves but can exponentially help increase the efforts of other marketing avenues as well, working with your overall plan and adapting to ever-changing needs.  A win-win situation!

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