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As Valentine’s Day swiftly approaches, it reminds us that we should focus more on the heart of all matters.

In regards to billboard advertising, so many marketing teams and businesses get caught up in being the next “IT” campaign that they forget the cardinal rule: keep it simple, silly.  You may be thinking this is pretty common knowledge and not worth a revisit but you might be surprised at how often the main goal of billboard marketing is tossed aside.  Yes, you should use roughly less than 7 words – short and sweet – and not overcrowd the space with too many images or nonsense.  What about the message?

The entire purpose of billboards is to get a message across quickly.  Becoming wrapped up in text, font and images can actually hurt you purpose.  Of course, everything you put on that ad space should be researched and well-thought out but losing what you are trying to say by chasing a viral dream is harmful, not to mention a waste of your marketing dollar.  State your purpose and give the viewer a call to action, such as a website or your company logo (if it’s well-known in the area).

Your message is the heart of your campaign, what you want the consumer to remember or do.  Don’t be fancy, don’t overdo it, don’t repeat, don’t be too mysterious… keep your message pure.

A great way to connect with the region your ad is in is to use a local or aware angle.  For instance, if using the local angle in Chicago, you could reference the latest winning sports team, landmark such as Sears Tower or the amazing hot dogs.  For a more aware angle, since Valentine’s Day is on Friday, you could have had an ad running referencing the holiday in some relation to your product or service.  Using tactics to connect with consumers is a creative and often effective way to build better relationships but never lose sight of your overall message.

What is the heart of your campaign?  Does it relay the heart of your company?  Your company’s ideals?  Clever tactics and marketing strategies are wonderful but it’s your message – your heart – that will resonate with the shopper.

Again, keep it simple, silly and put your heart into it!  By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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