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Why Billboard Advertising Has A Bright Future 1024x1024 - Why Billboard Advertising Has A Bright Future

With the change in shopper trends and technology, many of the traditional forms of advertising are finding it harder to compete.  Business owners are no longer stuck with only a few options when it comes to getting the word out about their products or services.  While billboard advertising isn’t a new concept, the way it is being utilized and morphed into other mediums is only strengthening its hold for the future.

Here are a few reasons why billboard advertising isn’t going anywhere any time soon…

Captive Audience – While trends have changed the way ads are presented or what is said, the world has continued to speed up.  People have far busier lives than they did 20 years ago.  With commuting to work, running errands and shuttling children to school, activities and events, folks continue to find themselves captive in gridlock on roadways.  Billboards will always be seen, whether stationary or mobile, because the chances of the average consumer seeing them has only increased and continues to do so.  The more active our lives become, the more we are putting ourselves in the very spots where billboards can reach us.

No Competition – As we talked about traditional marketing, some of those methods are phasing out altogether while others are actually competing with themselves for consumers.  For instance, advertising on television is great but which channels will you be on?  Most advertising segments consumers – meaning that not all of your target audience will be watching one particular channel but spread over many channels.  Billboards do not compete with themselves because it is all based on location.  It’s spread out, easy to consume and able to hit far more people simply because of where it exists.

Integration and Relevance – Unlike some forms of media and marketing, improving technology has only helped billboards evolve.  There are now so many options to have your ad displayed.  Digital billboards can be placed in fresh, creative locations and become much more interactive via bluetooth or wifi.  Your ad can be seen in more places and actually communicate in real time with a passing consumer.  The opportunities are near limitless for what you can achieve.  You can also show a series of ads telling a story instead of being limited to a single frame.

As we touched on in ‘Captive Audience’, billboards will continue to be relevant media because we have not stopped traveling out of our home.  With work, school, errands and social events, we are out of the house more than ever and that shows no signs of slowing down.

Better Data – Billboards have always been known to be a more cost-effective solution.  You pay less for more consumers.  That isn’t the truly impressive part however.  Billboards show far better data than other forms of media.  For instance, 97% of viewers can recall a mobile billboard ad at a later time.  This is pretty handy when they are in a store, remember your ad and purchase your product, isn’t it?  The data billboards accumulate is in real-time and can easily help you understand sales goals and the effectiveness of the ad itself.

In the end, billboards aren’t going anywhere.  You can expect to see outdoor advertising continue well on into the future and only increase.

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