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When Should You Run A Mobile Billboard Ad 1024x1024 - When Should I Run A Mobile Billboard Ad?

This is the million dollar question.

The fact of the matter is that there is no ONE perfect time for a mobile billboard ad.  Why?  Because every business has different goals and target consumers.  A toddler swim class is going to have very different clientele from an MMA gym.  So, when and where your mobile billboard appears is going to depend heavily on who your business serves and what activities they engage in leading up to using your products and/or services.

Another factor in when you run is if you are targeting a specific event or not.  Some businesses want to focus on gathering potential customers from a fair, market, concert, festival, conference or other public gathering.  In this instance, they may choose to only run during that time-frame.  This is a great marketing tool for such activities but only serves one specific goal for a business.  This is perfect for those looking for a quick hit in customers or to generate buzz.

For broader marketing, such as a wider reach or to increase revenue and grow the business, you would look at more of an ongoing campaign instead of a single weekend or few days.

Now you understand why the time/amount your Mobile Billboard runs greatly depends on what your own business goals are, who your target consumers are and what activities they engage in.  In essence, your customers set your schedule.

The fantastic thing about Mobile Billboard advertising is that you can set the schedule as you see fit.  Our vehicles run day and night, seven days a week so you can easily come up with a schedule that meets your specific campaign needs.  Reaching and exceeding your marketing goals has never been easier!

There is a reason why Mobile Billboards are remembered by the masses.  See how it can benefit your business by clicking here >>> Mobile Billboards For You!

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