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Avoid White Space For Your Mobile Billboard Background Because It Doesn’t Have As Much Impact As It Does In Magazines Or TV.

Mobile billboards are unique in that they are noticed because they approach people in situations where there otherwise might not be any marketing.  People will pay attention to a large ad driving right in front of them while they walk their children to school or are about to head into a restaurant to grab a quick lunch.  There is a certain advantage already set in.  However, in order for people to want to recall your ad at a later time, your design and message need to stand out even more.

This is where you need to be bold and creative.  Daring ads win the day.  Avoid white space simply because folks have grown accustomed to seeing this in print or television ads.  You already have an advantage so, in order to maximize that opportunity, there needs to be some excitement or a shock factor, if you will.  Bright, bold images and colors are key.

Essentially, you want to take the ordinary and mundane that folks see every day and experiment with it.  Find ways to stand out further.  Build-outs, props, illusions, textures, scents, sounds, 3-D, live-action – these are all ways in which you can be just a bit edgy compared to the mountain of similar marketing that is saturating people’s senses.  You might even simply adopt a more adventurous theme.  The point is to have fun with this marketing and think outside of the box.

Mobile billboards already draw eyeballs so your job becomes trying to stay within the consumer’s mind long after they have seen the ad.

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