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Advances in technology allow marketing to become more creative and innovative.  It seems every advertiser is looking for the next big hook or unique idea to increase revenue and drive brand awareness.  One of these such creations is the QR code.

A QR code, or quick response code, is a matrix barcode that contains information you can access through a smartphone or app.  It’s like a treasure hunt.  You see a generic barcode pattern but are not sure what lurks beneath.  Is it a coupon?  A really cool “members only” club?  The whereabouts of the Lost City of Atlantis?  You never know!

A QR code is a great way to give a consumer more information without overwhelming a sign or advertisement.  Nearly every device can scan a QR code and for those that can’t, there are a plethora of free apps available to do so.  This technology isn’t new.  It’s been around since the early 90s but what IS new is how companies are using it and how advanced the call-to-actions, design and responsiveness of the information is.  You can use them for nearly anything your mind can imagine.

Want to propel post-purchase consumer engagement?  Boom – QR Code.  Need to give vital sale information about a product in-store?  Boom – QR Code.  With asking consumers to leave reviews, redirecting to product pages, adding events, creating emails, unveiling discount codes, sharing business cards, calling numbers, downloading apps – there is truly a wide variety of ways in which a QR Code can benefit your company.   What makes this even more clever is that you can incorporate a QR code into all areas of your marketing – ads, signs, and yes, even billboards.

Placing a QR Code on your billboard is a phenomenal way to pass along gobs of valuable information without overloading the ad space and cluttering everything up.  You can keep your billboards simple and eye-catching while relying on a QR code to give your audience the extra information or call-to-action you need.  It’s a fabulous way to connect with consumers and turn them into repeat buyers.  By incorporating games, music, video and shopping carts into QR codes, you can reach the buyer in entirely new and exciting ways.

There is a debate on whether QR codes on billboards might cause car accidents due to distracting drivers but this comes down to use.  Be aware of where your billboard is at and the audience it is targeting.  If your mobile billboard is hanging out at a music festival where people are walking around, that is a great opportunity to have a prominent QR code.  However, if you are thinking of putting one on a stationary billboard that is sitting on a dangerously fast highway, better rethink that strategy.  You can garner truly impressive results from a QR code but you have to think about the logistics of where your advertising is and who it is interacting with.

In the end, what you can do with a QR code is endless and amazing so you may want to consider incorporating one into your next mobile billboard campaign.

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