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Mobile billboard signs are the most cost-effective of all marketing methods.

What this means is that you will get more people interacting with the ad for a much more reasonable price.  Mobile billboards cost HALF of what a stationary billboard on a busy highway does.  They cost FOUR TIMES LESS than television and these ads are remembered at a later time by 98% of those who come into contact with them.  The power and success of mobile billboards can’t be denied.

Billboard ads are highly effective because they interact with folks outside of their phone screens and tend to broadcast attention getting graphics or messages.  But what happens when there is no highway or space in the area that you need to advertise your business, product or service?

You need to go straight to the people!

What makes mobile billboard ads more effective than their dormant counterparts is the fact that they can interact with people throughout their day.  It’s a bit of a surprise to head out to get your mail and see a large ice cream ad roll by.  One tends to take notice because it is an anomaly that happens outside of their set routine.  Everyone notices change so if you approach them within an activity in which they expect a particular outcome, you gain their attention.

You are used to stumbling across ads on the internet so it doesn’t phase you – they blend together like faceless blobs.  You expect commercials on prime time television so you tend to zone out with the predictability.  But do you expect a sign for Fro-Yo to gently glide by you while you are about to load up your car?  Probably not.  What if that was a scented ad and you could smell vanilla Fro-Yo with chunks of fresh strawberries?  Yep.  That’s the beauty of a Mobile Billboard.  Versatile, unpredictable, pleasant and innovative.

So, a town like Oak Lawn may not be completely inter-cut with highways but you can easily have your billboard sign interacting with residents by simply cruising around the local strips or hotbeds of activity.  What makes mobile billboard campaigns even sweeter?  You can customize an effective and efficient strategy for where your target customer should be and how to interact with them.  Mobile Billboards don’t aimlessly drive around, they follow a succinctly optimized game plan to increase interactions and maximize your marketing dollar.

Isn’t it time to give your business the boost it deserves?

There is a reason why Mobile Billboards are remembered by the masses.  See how it can benefit your business by clicking here >>> Mobile Billboards For You!

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