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According to authoritative research, it has been proven that one mobile billboard during the day is just as effective as 25-50 stationary billboards. The advantage of mobile advertising is its presence in many places within the same day. This allows the advertisement to reach a diverse group of people. The mobile billboard can see between 30,000 and 80,000 people in one day, depending on the route and the city. Mobile advertising is a great addition to traditional advertising campaigns as well as a way to quickly show up on the local market.
Brand recognition and Identity

We effectively present and perpetuate the brand of every business. We reach every group of clients with an advertisement not only through images but also through sound and smell. Subconsciously, we affect the senses of these recipients to propel the brand.

innovative methods in business promote

We apply creative and innovative solutions that attract customer attention. Our mobile billboards can be seen, heard or the consumer can even smell them, which makes every billboard permanently remembered by the viewer.

Preparation, Performance and Development

We prepare custom mobile billboard projects that actually reach recipients. We track mobile billboard recipients in real time. We support the business development of our customers.

what We Offer

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Our Process

In short, how the ordering process, preparation, and implementation of our services take place.
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In response to an online order or quote, we contact the customer to agree on the details of the advertising campaign.

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We prepare a design from the received graphics or create a new one at the customer’s request and we submit for approval.

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After the client approves the project, we prepare a contract and finalize the transaction.

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We carry out the order and provide detailed reports and statistics.

Why us

Think. Do. Result.

We are creative, have original ideas and are not afraid of challenges. We always apply our unique, comprehensive strategies to achieve the desired goal. We focus on professionalism and are meticulous with the final effect to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Whether you’re looking to drop a new product or trying to build a brand, mobile billboards are one of the hottest and most productive ways to advertise today!

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