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Scented Ads 1 - Ads That Stink!

With technology giving us an influx of news and social stimulants, we have become a society that no longer stops to smell the roses but swipes past them for something more engaging. It doesn’t seem all that surprising that the future of billboard advertising is coming down to bringing the scent to YOU.

What Is A Scented Ad?

Scented billboards are advertising signs that pump out aromas that simulate the fragrance of the product or service being promoted. For example, an ice cream company has an aroma billboard that smells like waffle cones to attract customers.

How Does It Work?

The very concept Base Is That fans blow out That fragrances are released via the timer. These are many of the “set and forget” programming but some can be controlled by remote digital software.

Why Does It Work?

It works because scent is a powerful trigger for tapping into memories and experiences held in the human mind. For instance, the smell of chocolate chip cookies might bring forth memories of being in your grandma’s house or various recollections of your childhood.

Follow Your Nose And Be A Leader

The market is ripe for businesses to stand out from Their competition in the United States. Scented billboards are fairly new and not many people are aware of Their existence yet.

Now is the PERFECT time to jump in and take a whiff.

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