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Know Who Your Target Audience Is So That Both Your Message And Where The Truck Runs Are Making The Most Of Your Resources!

One of the most important aspects of your mobile billboard marketing campaign is knowing your target audience.  Not only does this help you in early production stages by figuring out what problem your product should solve and who you are making it for, it helps you in formulating your marketing message, creating a plan and how exactly you should implement that plan.  In short, knowing who your consumer is, is the key to the entire kit ‘n caboodle.

Does your product or service help families?  Businesses?  Adults with expendable income?  Children?  Charities?  You should put as much research and details into who your target consumer is and what they do in the world.  Knowing as much about them as possible can help you choose where the best places to advertise to them will be.  For instance, if your target consumer is young men into fitness, you would know to target online sites such as fitness forums and health magazines while in the real world you might have a billboard situated across from a gym or sports center.

In regards to Mobile Billboard Advertising, knowing the habits of your target demographic helps form the routes or locations that the ad will pass by.  If your business caters to families it makes sense for the billboard truck to drive by, or through, parks, festivals or community events on weekends or after school.  You wouldn’t want your message to waste time driving through a business or warehouse district during business hours.  While you may accumulate some interest, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective in targeting families during times when they are together.

In the long run, having this crucial information can help save you both time and money.  By running a more efficient and productive campaign you can really make the most out of that marketing budget.  Before you form a message or hire a mobile billboard advertising service, take a long, hard look at your consumer base.  Have you done enough research to know their daily habits?  Do you know where they congregate or what they are hoping to achieve?  It may seem tedious at first but collecting the right amount of information can truly make or break your entire marketing campaign.

When You Know Your Target Audience, Find Out How To Make Your Messages Stick!

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