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The Science of Smelly Advertising 1024x1024 - The Science of Smelly Advertising
Scent Marketing uses a pleasant aroma to trigger a person’s memory and emotion about a brand or product.  It can result in better customer experiences and even an increase in sales.  While it is traditionally a tactic employed in brick and mortar stores, the mobile billboard industry has been a modern spin that proves to be quite effective.
While we understand why scent marketing is a powerful and effective tool, the market is saturated with stores, magazines and newspapers pumping out odors.  The industry needed a fresh take and the perfect tool was found in billboard and mobile billboard options.  Originally launched in Europe, scent marketing attached to outdoor signs and mobile billboards proved to be indispensable due to the fact that it could reach a far bigger audience.  By being located in places not touched by the inside of a shop or the pages of a magazine, the message, and smell, could reach more people going about their day.
Part of what makes scent marketing on billboards so effective is because it isn’t expected.  Billboards are known and experienced very much as a visual display so an accompanying smell definitely perks the average attention span.  The fact that mobile billboards drive into the comings and goings of people also increases that surprise factor because they aren’t used to advertising coming to them.
What is absolutely brilliant is the science behind why scent marketing works at all.  Our friends at FragranceX created one of the best infographics regarding the topic that I have ever seen.  It extrapolates the facts we have given on the subject in a fun and completely valuable way.  Take a look for yourself!
the science of scent marketing shareable - The Science of Smelly Advertising

There is a reason why Mobile Billboards are remembered by the masses.  Isn’t it time to see how it can benefit YOUR business?

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