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The Top Ten Jingles Of All Time

One of the most powerful tools in a marketing arsenal is sound.  Whether it be a radio jingle, television ad or billboards that have auditory systems for emitting audio spots or effects, it has been shown that ads with sounds are twice as effective.

Why Are They Effective?

Studies show that, in order to process music, we use the same parts of the brain that are responsible for emotion and memory.  No matter if the emotional response from a piece of music is positive or negative, the associated memory can be quite strong.  Melodies and sounds can elicit responses and evoke powerful emotions in consumers.  The repetition of sound combined with rhyme, rhythm and melody create neural pathways in our brains.

Jingles are created to be short and easy to remember.  Often times they are earworms, which are 15 to 30 second sound clips that play on repeat in your mind.  This can cause certain sounds to infiltrate your memories for years to come and even reemerge when you least expect it.

From Radio and TV To Our Hearts…

So many brands have stood the test of time and create feelings of nostalgia for us because they created memorable advertising that is remembered throughout the years.  Many jingles began as radio ads but became so popular and thoroughly ingrained with the brand that they were carried over to the television medium as well.  We end up forming a bond with these brands and often times they remind us of our childhoods, our parents or grandparents or a simpler life in American history.  The jingle wasn’t just a representation of a company or product but became part of our pop culture and how we were raised.

Whether it was the message itself or just a catchy earworm, these ads have swayed public opinion so much that they are considered the…

Top 10 Ad Jingles OF ALL TIME

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. Toys “R” Us
  4. Oscar Mayer Wieners
  5. Juicy Fruit
  6. Meow Mix
  7. Kit-Kat
  8. Band-Aid
  9. State Farm Insurance
  10. Green Giant

Check Out These Jingles and Some Honorable Mentions In the Vid Below!

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