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The world is facing an unprecedented moment of history.  With pandemics running amok and systemic issues being faced head on, it’s the time for messages to be heard.

For those with something vital that needs to get out to the masses, whether it’s a game-changing product or you simply need a platform to inspire thought, few advertising outlets can match the might of a mobile billboard.  Ads that move actually have a 45% higher peak performance than any stationary marketing.  According to a study using brain scanning tech, Liz Farquharson, MD. commented, “Once there is a higher level of engagement with the brand, we found that this then results in a deeper level of memory encoding.”  What does this mean?  Your ad draws curiosity and is remembered better, for longer.

It’s this combination of movement and size that draws the consumer’s attention. People are used to traditional ads and often subconsciously ignore television commercials and internet advertising.  Having a larger-than-life moving target roll right in front of them as they hang out in their neighborhood or walk to the local store definitely grabs their attention and gives their overactive minds a second to pause and process.

The fact that a person normally isn’t confronted by a giant rolling ad in their day-to-day increases the excitement when they do see one. Especially if they happen to catch your bright, attractive ad after dark.

Mobile Billboards can:

  • target the right people at the right time
  • cost far less than traditional advertising
  • reach more targeted groups for less than traditional advertising
  • be recalled 97% better than traditional ads
  • not be lost in a sea of additional advertisers
  • can be integrated with digital marketing campaigns seamlessly
  • amplify smartphone campaigns by nearly 316%
  • are tracked every single day by humans to maintain correct brand intention and direction

There is so much misinformation, confusion and opposition competing for brain space in the average individual’s mind.  Mobile billboards trump the odds and monotony, bringing your ad directly TO your target audience and staying in their minds long after it’s gone.  No matter what issue you’re addressing and what aid you can bring to public attention, your message has a much better chance of being heard when it’s rolling with Mobile Billboard!

Contact Mobile Billboard today at 708.667.4196 to find out how we can help spread your message and make it stick!

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