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You’ve heard everyone from scientists and government officials to friends and family discussing the Coronavirus curve and how to flatten it.  Essentially, this means that all of our quarantine and precautions against spreading it will pay off in that the confirmed cases will decrease exponentially and we will eventually squash the pandemic.  So, yes, life will eventually return to normal and quarantine will be lifted.

Yet, there is another curve that will hit after the pandemic is over.  Once life returns to normal, there will be a boon of businesses advertising and jumping back into action as quickly as possible.  This surge of activity, this flood onto the market is an advertising curve you will want to stay ahead of if you are a small business owner.  With the flurry of activity and the rush to recoup what was lost, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed and overshadowed.  Traditional marketing will be bottlenecked with your competitors and digital marketing will be so cutthroat that ad rates will seem like they’re from The Twilight Zone.

So, how do you stay ahead of all the businesses rushing to occupy the same space?  You go mobile.

Mobile billboards are the most cost-effective marketing strategy at any time – meaning you pay less for more audience – and they have a 97% recall rate over traditional marketing – meaning they are remembered long after they’ve been seen.  With a customized and unique campaign created for your business, you can get your product in front of the people who need it without the hassle of competition.  And better yet, the public will remember it – whether they are in a store ready to make a decision or online looking for more information, your mobile billboard ad is more likely to pop into their heads than standard marketing.

Instead of fighting over the same, tired marketing channels, how about boosting your brand in ways you never thought possible?  When the advertising boom occurs, when the post-coronavirus marketing curve hits, your company will be already be way ahead of it.

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