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When Crafting A Message, Keep It Simple, Understand The Location It Will Be Seen In And Hit The Reader With A Benefit!

Writing a message that resonates with consumers can be tricky.  Especially when you have a limited amount of space and only a handful of seconds in which your message will be viewed.  First of all, Keep It Simple.  No one has time to unravel some uber clever message you’ve crafted or dig into layers of deeper meaning.  You need your message to stick like a bullseye and stay with them long after they’ve passed by.

Come up with as many ideas as possible.  Decide on the creative theme of the campaign and make sure it is on par with the company’s goals and vision.  From that point, jot down as many slogans as you can.  Don’t rush a decision – instead let them ruminate overnight and edit them to death.  Keep repeating until you figure out that you have a message that:

Gives the consumer a benefit

Fits the theme

Stick’s with a consumer afterwards

Constantly remind yourself about keeping things simple and attention grabbing.  If you know the location that your billboard will be viewed in, even better.  You can incorporate items in the vicinity or take a LOCAL APPROACH.  Connecting on this level, be it with humor or familiarity, can keep the message burning into the mind of the consumer well after they’ve come into contact with it.  If it’s clever enough or resonates well with them, they may even snap a photo and share it on social media.


Your message is critical but don’t take it too seriously.  It should be simple, attention grabbing and powerful.  This isn’t War and Peace or your pitch for a Pulitzer.  Keep It Simple.  Connect.  Make Them Remember.

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