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Mobile VS. Stationary Billboards 410x1024 - Mobile VS. Stationary Billboards
Mobile VS. Stationary
Comparing the Two Types of Billboards


In One Location (May Only Appeal To One Demographic)

Often Placed In A Cluster Of Competing Ads

Cost Per Thousand Impressions = $3 – $5

19% Retention Rate (People Hardly Remember These Ads)

Limited Info Due To Brief Exposure Period (Only Have A Few Seconds To Get A Quick Point Across)

Risk Of Damage Due To Weather Or Vandalism


Regularly On The Move (Can Appeal To Many Demographics

By Itself – Without Clutter Or Competition

Cost Per Thousand Impressions = $.75 – $2

97% Retention Rate (People Recall These Ads At A Significant Rate)

Able To Put More On Ad Due To Longer Visibility Times (People See This Ad Longer So You Can Add A Bit More Detail To Your Ad)

Ads And Trucks Consistently Maintained And In Pristine Condition

For more information about which option might be best for your advertising campaign, contact Mobile Billboard today!
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