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When Designing A Billboard Ad, Keep Your Images G Or PG-Rated And Avoid Using Foul Language.

It may seem obvious that you shouldn’t use obscene pictures or language in your billboard ads but it bears repeating.  Your ads will be out among the general public which means people of all ages and sensibilities will be seeing it.  The last thing you need is to offend someone with a crass picture or use words not often heard in polite company.  This will cast a negative pallor on your business image and make it that much harder to try and grow or expand.

Aside from a negative image and massive clean up, your images or text could shock someone so badly that it causes them a major distraction that leads to an accident.  Whether you have a mobile or stationary billboard, you don’t want to distract drivers who could injure themselves or others, rack up extensive damages or even cause a fatality.  Even if you have a more risqué business, you don’t want to put something that would be considered crossing a boundary should a child happen to glance up and see your ad cross their line of sight.

This doesn’t mean that you should stick to boring messages or images.  Not in the slightest.  Part of what makes marketing so successful is the opportunity to shake things up and be versatile.  Clever wording or shocking images can create enough of a hint to lead an adult brain to view the humor in your message without offending a child.  Creativity and humor are your best friends when creating a mobile billboard campaign but there is a fine line between well-crafted humor and downright filth or tackiness.  While you may be wanting to target a specific demographic, never forget that everyone else will encounter it as well.

Be creative with your billboard design but keep a little decorum in what you present and the message you are beaming out onto the world.

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