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Use Only One Website Or Phone Number On Your Billboard.  They Are Great For Brand Building And Campaign Support But Not Direct Response.

Okay, but what does this mean?

It means that 99.9% of people who read the billboard will not call or visit the website of a cluttered ad.  You can’t plaster six different pieces of contact information and hope they have the time to jot it all down.  Folks will be seeing these messages for a few seconds depending where they are.  Keep it simple and only put one short/easy web address on there.  Omit the https:// and just go for the gold.

Like instead of  Notice how the first one is cleaner and easier to remember?

Treat your billboard as a secondary advertising channel.  Essentially, it helps increase awareness for your brand, solidify a message, introduce a product or support a campaign in general.  Don’t look for a billboard to be the driving force of your marketing and do all the hard work.  Tell your message visually – avoid words if you can – so you can put your website on there or simply your brand name.  Short and sweet is the name of the outdoor advertising campaign.

Your visuals, or the few words you DO use, have to be extremely compelling and draw the audience in.  Raise their curiosity level and people will naturally seek your brand out online or look for it in stores.  Billboards are quick messages only.  If you want to get more detailed about your product or service and you want to have a more intimate conversation with your audience, put other methods of marketing into play as well.  Television, radio, flyers, email campaigns – you should be advertising in as many channels as possible and have billboards as one of them.

With marketing in general you want to utilize as many avenues as possible so you should never rely on only one method of spreading the word.

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