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No matter if you use stationary billboard advertising in Hickory Hills or mobile billboards in New York, there are distinct ways in which you can help your message stand out among the other ads.  Luckily, billboard advertising will always be effective.  Large portions of our lives are spent on the nation’s roadways and out of boredom, noticing an eye-catching image or laughing at a comedic message, we still tend to look at them although we are so used to them.  While mobile billboards in themselves are far more attention grabbing and effective than stationary ads, here are a few ways in which you can utilize your surroundings to create a more memorable experience.

Location, Location, Location

Be cognizant of where your ad will be running.  Residents have a sense of pride of where they come from and respond favorably to ads that incorporate some of their hometown classics.  Whether it’s the local sports team, a popular nickname for a neighborhood or a mom and pop restaurant staple, use the location to your advantage.  For instance, an ad running in Chicago might find more favor by mentioning jokes about the wind or traffic – points that would make a resident chuckle.


Your ad is one of many on the roadways and in the cities of America.  In order to stand out, you need to make your ad stick in the minds of those who view it.  A great way to be more memorable is to focus on emotional marketing.  Bringing forth an emotion, such as anger, humor, happiness or compassion, in your consumer will keep your ad lingering in their mind long after they’ve passed it.  Humor is a great feeling to invoke in bored drivers or pedestrians.


Depending on what is located in the direct vicinity of your ad, you might be able to create a message incorporating it.  For example, Panasonic advertised their nose hair trimmer by placing an ad in between power lines.  The lines ran through the billboard and looked as though he had long nose hairs growing wild.  While this may be better suited to a stationary ad, you can certainly be creative when it comes to mobile billboards.  Something that focuses on the weather or time of day can work as well.  For instance, Koleston Naturals had an ad with a cutout of a woman’s head on it.  When the sun would rise, the woman appeared blonde, when it set she appeared to be a redhead and when night fell, she was a raven haired beauty.  Consumers LOVE cleverness in billboard ads and will remember the creativity long after the campaign has ended.

71% of people say they consciously look at billboards while driving and 50% say they have been highly engaged by one.  In the case of Mobile Billboards, you are sending your ad straight into the heart of where your target consumers are and increasing the impressions of the demographics you sell to.  Be creative with your Hickory Hills billboard advertising and you could possibly design an ad that is so engaging it not only sticks in the minds of buyers but has the potential to go viral.  A billboard is a blank canvas waiting to capture the audience’s attention.  All it needs is your imagination.

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