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This is a unique time in history.  In our lifetime we have not seen the devastation of rampant illness nor had to take extreme precautions to ebb it like our ancestors had to – until now.

While everyone has taken to shelter-in-place in order to stay safe and prevent spreading the Coronavirus to others, the way we communicate and navigate our day has significantly shifted.  Getting the word out about a product or service that could aid others during this time requires a focus on HOW to reach them.  With most businesses putting services on pause until the quarantine is lifted, traditional marketing may not be as effective as usual.

Many print advertisers have put their service on hold in order to protect employees or have reduced their online capabilities.  The price for marketing on television has skyrocketed with Fortune 50 companies hogging airspace.  Radio has long been barely surviving as people turn to streaming music and podcast providers. The amount of drivers has drastically reduced to the point where standard billboards offer little to no return on investment.  Small businesses have a true chance to be seen and compete in the digital marketing sphere – which is an area you KNOW is still, if not even more, vital and active – but the flood of competition has raised ad rates and caused a competitive frenzy, much like blood in the water.

Instead of elbowing your way for a mere click or two and paying out the nose for it, why not take the marketing straight TO your consumers in an innovative, fresh way with little to no competition right now?

That’s right, mobile billboards are the perfect way to reach people during quarantine and get your message to stick in their heads.  Your ad drives right past their homes – right in front of their faces that are pressed to windows and doors longing for a post-quarantine world.  More and more families have taken to short walks in their neighborhood or sitting out on their porches to enjoy the beautiful weather on a near daily basis in order to keep peace and sanity.  The boredom quarantine produces has made the nation a captive audience starved for interaction or something new.

Being one of the few people on the roadways, you’ll draw more attention than ever!

Whether you have an important product or service that can help others during this time or you are simply trying to keep your business afloat, consider the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is and choose a mobile billboard to spread your message.  For more information on how this creative marketing platform can propel your goal, contact Mobile Billboard at 708.667.4196 or drop us a message on our contact form!

Contact Mobile Billboard today at 708.667.4196 to find out how we can help spread your message and make it stick!

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