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Try Using A Vanity Phone Number, Unique Hash Tag Or Short, Quirky Site URL To Create A Contact Detail That Will Be Remembered.

When it comes to advertising, you only have seconds to make an impression on a consumer.

This isn’t simply for mobile or static billboards either.  In all areas of marketing, you are typically dealing with having to first grab the customer’s attention and then leave them with something they will remember in the short interaction they’ve had with your ad.  One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen businesses in Schaumburg and surrounding areas make is to botch the most critical part of your marketing – the contact detail.

Remember, a consumer is not usually in a position to jot down your information when they see your ad.  They’re usually driving, searching, working or focused on another mission so you need to give them something they can recall in only 5 to 6 seconds.  Having too much contact info on your ads is overwhelming and easily forgotten.  You need one piece of information that the consumer can clearly see and easily recall later.

Vanity Phone Number – Using 12 characters or less, you can create an appealing phone number that can be remembered.  Many folks will not remember a series of digits promoting a law firm such as 866.529.2255 but they CAN remember 866.LAW.CALL.  Words and phrases tend to stick in the mind better.  Vanity phone numbers are also relatively inexpensive.

Unique Hash Tag – Sometimes your target consumer will only see the largest printed information on your ad.  If this is a phone number or contact detail, they might skim past it and overlook it completely but a hash tag might just reel them in.  Catchy hash tags are as popular as when they first jumped onto the scene and have become a way for people to connect quickly and easily through every social media platform.  Entire movements, real-time news briefs and trends rely on the hash tag to function.  They’re also incredibly easy to remember.  For instance, it’s far less appealing to go the Beauty Schools of America website at but the largest information on their ads is the phrase “I Can Go Anywhere”, which is also their hash tag.  Which do you think is more likely to pop up in the busy mind of an average consumer?

Short, Quirky URL – In the same vein as the prior examples, having a long website address on your advertising isn’t very effective.  The consumer only has a few seconds to grasp the gist of your ad and an identifier that they can use to find you later.  If possible, making your URL catchy can also be a huge win.  Something to keep in mind is that if making your URL creates words that make no sense, forget it.  For instance, should NOT be  If someone has to spell it over the phone, you’ve already lost.

You only have a scant few seconds to make an impression so stay on brand, keep it simple and don’t overload them with ways to contact you.


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