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Mobile Billboard Tip 26 1024x1024 - Your Window Of Opportunity Awaits

When Running A Marketing Campaign, Always Remember To Gauge Your Window Of Opportunity And Plan Accordingly!

It doesn’t matter what type of marketing medium you are using, always strike when the iron is hot.

It’s called the “Window of Advertising Opportunity” and this is crucial if you want to connect with customers, draw attention to your campaigns and tap into the demand for your product or service.  You want to design your campaigns around current trends, holidays and key local events.  The relevancy of your ad affects the consumer on a more emotional level and is far more likely to be remembered.

If there is a trend sweeping the nation, how can you play with that in your marketing?  Spinning funny or popular trends in pop culture is a great way to make a passersby smile or laugh and far more likely to engage their attention.  It doesn’t simply have to be trends like The Floss but taking advantage of technological trends as well.  For instance, ads that move, light up or flash messages when they sense motion or even more personal, specific ads that appear just for you when they ping your smartphone are all great ways to utilize the current trends in tech to appeal to consumers.

The biggest opportunity for you to take advantage of is a local event.  When the ’85 Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl, nearly every television, radio and print ad somehow tied the win into their marketing.  Whether it was using the enigmatic personalities of the players or jumping into the celebration of victory and offering glad tidings, every business honed into the blue and orange daze of happiness and seized the opportunity to connect with customers on a deep, emotional level.  It wasn’t simply local fare, like Brown’s Chicken, but national corporations such as Coca-Cola.  The fans fierce loyalty and reverence paved an advertising path that was too good to pass up.

No matter how much research you’ve done for your campaign, how much you’ve honed in on your target audience, what energy you’ve put into launching – you need to reevaluate the opportunities around you based on culture climate and regional activities.  The rewards in growth are well worth the time taken to consider your advertising window.

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