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Where Can Mobile Billboards Go  1024x1024 - Where Can Mobile Billboards Go?

The answer is: ANYWHERE YOU WANT!

That’s the beauty of mobile billboard ads – they can appear in any area you would like at specified times so you can focus on interacting with your target audience better than ever before.  Instead of hoping that a festival or event crowd searches you online, sees your television commercial or happens upon your spot in a print ad, your message is right in front of them.

During concerts, festivals, day-to-day commutes, conventions or on the very block in which they live, your target consumer can interact with and focus on your ad.  After all, it’s hard to miss a giant sign passing slowly in front of you.  With mobile billboards, you have the freedom to take the message straight to your customer instead of relying on the chance they might stumble upon it.

For even better flexibility to reach your consumer base, we recommend a trailer billboard instead of a standard box truck billboard or even a digital ad.  Trailer billboards can legally go more places than a massive box truck can.  From parking to congested areas, the less space taken up by a trailer billboard is less likely to draw the ire of traffic enforcement officers or violate codes.  Digital billboards are a hazard to drivers as they can be garish and too bright which can cause an accident.  Many cities have already passed ordinances restricting digital billboards or flashing lights from roadways.  In the end, trailer billboards take up less space and are less hazardous than sister options.

With this kind of adaptability, mobile billboards – especially trailers – are able to head into areas traditional forms of media can’t, grab attention and be remembered easily.  Think of it this way: would you be more likely to remember another internet ad spamming your web surfing OR a mobile billboard ad strolling casually on the street in front of you as you water your grass?

Versatile, on-the-go everywhere and much more affordable than traditional advertising, you are able to connect with customers in an exciting way that is sure to boost your marketing campaign to new levels!

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