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The Three Types Of Mobile Billboards 1024x1024 - What Are The 3 Types Of Mobile Billboards?
What Are The 3 Types Of Mobile Billboards?

While you may hear about many additional options that you can implement into your mobile billboard campaign, there are only three basic forms to start with.  Here is a simple break-down of these three and what you can do with them.

Truck Billboard

This is the standard truck advertising you have seen for decades.  It is usually a box truck with your printed ads on one, two or three sides.  Since these are standard vehicles, they can go anywhere and sit in a parking lot without raising too much ire.  They can run as many hours per day as you would like and are lit with static lighting or have LED lighting effects.

Because of their size and the fact that they are standard vehicles, trucks are limited in their options for a campaign.  For scent or sound additions, an entire rig would have to be built inside the vehicle or mounted somewhere on the outside.  This can pose a problem if the inside is actually used for hauling or if your outside mounts cause height and width restrictions with bridges or tight streets.

A highlight of truck billboards is that you can create a “showroom” truck.  This is usually called a a 3-D truck and has safety glass panels instead of typical truck sides.  The possibilities for showroom trucks are only limited by your imagination.  You can stage furniture, products or even have actors conducting scenes inside.  These are popular choices in major cities such as NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Trailer Billboard

Trailer Billboards have become the more popular design over the years due to their sheer versatility.  They are slender billboards placed on thin trailers that can be hauled behind vehicles with your printed ads on one or both sides.  They can run as many hours per day as you would like and are often lit with LED lighting effects or the standard static lighting rigs.

Due to their thinner stature, trailer billboards are able to host options quite easily.  You can mount sound, scent or staging options directly onto the thin trailer.  This saves on space and allows an unlimited potential for creative marketing campaigns.  You can even modify the rig to showcase products or create small 3-D spaces.

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Scrolling Digital Billboard

Scrolling Digital Billboards are monitors that can show still ads or mini-commercials like you would see online or on television.  They can be mounted onto typical trucks or even scaled to fit onto trailer billboards.  The content consists of several digital ads scrolling at specified intervals.  Scrolling billboards are a cost-saving alternative to traditional mobile advertising because, since you are being shown with several other ads, you are splitting the cost with them.

Since this method may have you being shown with several other ads, your time visible is not specific.  You can have these trucks run as many hours per day as you would like.  Some cities find scrolling digital ads distracting to drivers and have limits on where they can go or how long they can be seen.  Your local mobile billboard advertising company can notify you of any laws or limitations based on your target areas.

The options for scrolling digital billboards all depend on what base is being used.  They usually are not modified for creative marketing campaigns because the ad itself is like a commercial.  You can certainly inquire about incorporating scent or 3-D options and if that would be effective for your campaign cost and reach.

In the end, while your add-on options may seem endless from the creative perspective, you have to consider which base you are using for your mobile billboard advertising campaign.  That will go a long way in deciding what is feasible to implement and how to put it into action.  While mobile billboards may have three typical bases right now, you never know what the future will bring.  We could see billboards on hover-boards or Millennium Falcons.

If you feel like the entire ad creation process is a bit much, contact Mobile Billboard to have your ad custom designed for your brand.

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