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Are Mobile Billboards Legal  1024x1024 - Are Mobile Billboards Legal?

There is often a bit of debate and a lot of confusion regarding the legality of Mobile Billboards.

While some cities may pass bans on certain kinds of advertising, it’s important to know what they are banning and why.  No, mobile billboards are not universally scorned and banned.  Bad and inappropriate behavior IS.  What does this mean?

Essentially, a township or city is trying to protect citizens.  If you are driving a mobile billboard that is painted an obnoxious neon color and has flashing or crazy lighting effects and garish iconography, then YES, they will not want that on roadways distracting drivers and causing potential accidents.  However, no city can completely ban a company advertising their business on their own vehicles.  Well, they COULD temporarily but it would be overturned by the Supreme Court as a violation of the first amendment.  The point is that you don’t need to be an eyesore or over-the-top to attract attention from consumers.  A mobile billboard ad by itself will garner curiosity because it is advertising away from phones, computers and highways and in a customer’s own neighborhood.

Be respectful of town/city ordinances and don’t try to be obnoxious about your advertising.  If you have questions about what is appropriate, call your town hall and speak to someone who can give you more clarity into any ordinances.  Your mobile billboard company should know the areas in which they serve and what is acceptable and appropriate.

Whether you are driving your own company vehicle or you are using a mobile billboard company to advertise in a broader sense, always be mindful to follow, or make sure that they follow, these tips…

  • Follow All Traffic Signs and Regulations
  • Read Local Code Ordinances Before Promoting Your Business
  • Do NOT Blast Music Or Obnoxious Chatter Over Loudspeakers While Driving
  • Do NOT Use Neon Colors, Obnoxious Lighting Effects Or Iconography
  • Keep Your Vehicles Clean

Whether you can park your mobile billboard and where will be based on your individual area ordinances.  For the most part, as long as you are moving or storing the vehicle on your property, you are in the clear.

Advertising your business is something that can NOT be banned but you may simply have to adjust HOW you do it based on the area in which you wish to be seen.  Always check with your local mobile billboard company and/or local townships/cities to make sure you are respecting the way in which you are able to market to the masses.

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