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When Designing Your Mobile Billboard Message, Do NOT Use A Team Or Employee Photo.

Of course, as an employer, you are highly proud of your team.  Putting pictures and short bios of your employees on your company website or even shouting out great team achievements on social media is a fantastic way to boost the morale of your team and have your customers become familiar with staff.  However, this can become a major problem when it comes to mobile billboard advertising.

You only have a few seconds to convey your message to a target audience so you want that message to be succinct and direct.  If you would like them to remember your brand name, visit your website or purchase a product in-store, your billboard message needs to give the right guidance to initiate that action.  Putting a photo of your team on a billboard might confuse the consumer or hide your initial message.  For example, if you saw a billboard full of medical doctors, what message does that convey?  Would you remember anything significant about it later on?  What is the company even trying to tell you?  That they have doctors?  That they like doctors?

It can become a confusing mess when you have a large ad space consisting of a team photo.  Your message can become lost in the fray.

Don’t let your overall message become buried by an image.  Remember that the consumer should be able to walk away with a clear image of what you want them to do or remember.

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