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There are so many ways to advertise your Bridgeview business these days.  Most companies are focusing on the digital landscape in order to promote their business but it actually takes a healthy combination of online and offline advertising to be truly effective and reach your target audience.  Sure, you can pass out flyers and advertise in your store but what do you do to back up your digital marketing?  In what ways can you maximize your local marketing effort?

There are several key areas involved in outdoor advertising such as: billboards, street furniture and transit.  Outdoor advertising is simply marketing that reaches the customer when they are outside of their homes or offices.  With 70% of consumers being on the go, this is an area that your business should be capitalizing on to increase revenue, raise brand awareness and connect with consumers.

Billboard advertising is the stationary billboards that you see along the road.  One of the most common forms of marketing, this is one that all consumers are most familiar with.  Street furniture advertising is in reference to signage that is on stationary fixtures in the public space such as: bus shelters, kiosks, phone booths, park benches, newspaper stands, etc.  Transit advertising refers to signs in subway stations, along airport walkways, in taxis, etc.  There are other ways in which you can utilize outdoor advertising but they fall into one of the categories listed above.

What makes Mobile Billboards so effective is that they can advertise to the customer without relying on said customer to stumble upon them.

Mobile billboards go straight to your target consumer.  Where they work, play, live – a mobile billboard can traverse any area at any time.  This is the most effective way to reach your consumers using outdoor signs.  By understanding who your target audience is, their habits and what problem they need solved, you can form a marketing campaign that speaks to them and have it sent where they are most likely to be.  No longer do you have to guess at how many of your target consumer will stumble upon that park bench or pass by that stationary billboard.  You have control over a more efficient campaign that will maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollar.

Isn’t it time to stop wasting time and money on a campaign that your target consumer has to trip over to interact with?

There is a reason why Mobile Billboards are remembered by the masses.  See how it can benefit your business by clicking here >>> Mobile Billboards For You!

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