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It’s called Viewer Tracking.

Essentially, with the increase in technology, the way billboards measure how effective they are has dramatically improved.  Instead of the olden days in which you would assign different numbers to different marketing methods and manually track where you got the most calls from, today’s technology does it for you.  Not only can you find out the location but who specifically was there and even how they interacted with your ad.

Frightening, huh?  We promise not to get all Terminator/SkyNet on you.

For advertisers this is a godsend.  Instead of blowing through a marketing budget, companies can determine where their ads are performing best.  In the case of mobile billboards, some of your target neighborhoods or hotspots might be a bigger surge in your conversions than others.  Instead of wasting time meandering around, you can pinpoint where your consumers are and even if and how they view your ad.  This helps you stay in the loop on the habits of your target consumer and allows you to save money in your marketing budget.

Using the latest innovations and your mobile phone, billboards and other ads can even go a step further and collect data such as your income, interests, gender, age and purchasing habits to even show relevant advertising when you are nearby.  This is akin to how Google monitors your search history and shows you relevant ads in regards to what you’ve looked at.  This surge in information gathering can even help a company understand what time is better to show particular ads.  It all depends on the tracking software used and which advertising companies you choose.

All of this equates to a finely tuned, well-oiled marketing campaign that produces more efficient results with a better focus on maintaining a marketing budget instead of overspending or excess waste.  As technology expands, you can expect an even bigger surge in creativity and targeted advertising for the future.

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