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Consider How You Can Get People To Share Your Outdoor Advertising Across Social Media.

Mobile billboards are amazing marketing tactics on their own.  They can go straight to the clients and raise their curiosity.  What if you knew there was a way to make your mobile billboard a viral sensation as well?  It IS possible!

This shouldn’t be news considering nearly anything can go viral in the right circumstances.  Try to create a stir with your billboard campaign.  Perhaps a risque message or hint of an image?  Maybe a joke that’s too good to pass up?  How about an inspirational message that can stir emotion like nothing else?  These are great ways to intrigue people and have them record and share your billboard with friends, family and social media.  Remember that the most powerful advertising is the emotions you can create in your consumer so the more you focus on a feeling, the more memorable your message is.

Keep in mind that less is more.  Don’t overcrowd your billboard with text or multiple images – this can be confusing to a consumer and they won’t bother trying to unravel your message.  A few words and a single image are best.  Outdoor media is a conversation starter so think about how you can spark people to talk.  Usually people go the funny, sly or controversial route in grabbing attention and sparking conversation but don’t feel limited to what others have done.  Breaking out of the mold and expressing yourself and your company are paramount in discovery.

If your mobile billboard message and design doesn’t create a stir with people and cause them to share it with others, it’s a waste of your time and money.

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