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A Great Way To Create An Eye-Catching Design And Increase Impact On The Viewer Is By Demonstrating What Your Product Can Do!

When you are advertising in the world, your ad design is one of the most important aspects.  Not only does it relate a story or information to the viewer but it catches their eye in the first place.  With a world swarmed by media, marketing and general distraction, there is so much to cut through in order to attract the short attention spans of the average consumer.

One of the best ways to do so is by demonstrating what your product is capable of.  If you have a paint company, perhaps you can paint half the board and show the other side as a faded, torrid mess.  If you are promoting the safety of your new vehicles, perhaps showing children safe and sound in the backseat during a horrendous rain storm might be key.  The point is that you are showing the consumer what your product is made to do in a simple, yet alluring way.

Marketing is all about emotions, whether anger, sympathy, fear, happiness, etc.  Incorporating a product demo with a key emotion it solves or produces can go a long way to gaining customer attention and having your message resonate with them.  When it comes time to creating your mobile billboard message, ask yourself what it is you are promoting.  Trying to get the word out about your product or increasing its sales can greatly benefit from a little sneak peek.

Sometimes the best way to grab a consumer’s attention is by simply showing them what you’ve got and how it looks in action.

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