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Scent Options For Billboard Marketing 1024x1024 - Add Scent Options To Your Billboard Today!

Add the Powerful Marketing Tool of Scent Options to Your Mobile Billboard Campaign Today!

Scent options have systems that pump out aromas to simulate the
fragrance of the product or service being promoted.  Mobile Billboard’s aroma systems offer over 600 USDA certified scents that can pump out on a timed schedule or using manual override controls.  You can use your own distinct product scent or have our aroma advertising experts create a scent unique for your brand, product or service.

Why Is Scent Advertising Effective?

Scent is processed differently by the human brain than all the other senses. Since it is the first sense you develop as you’re born, it bypasses relay centers and goes straight to the different sectors of the brain. Because of this immediacy, scent is the closest link to memory.

Using context to accommodate a scent, such as a billboard ad, allows our highly visual nature to greatly influence our reaction to smells. By linking scent marketing to positive memories, quickly and deeply, you can improve consumer sense of quality, and create a warm feeling of familiarity that helps develop your overall brand experience.

SCENT MARKETING STATISTICS - Add Scent Options To Your Billboard Today!

If you are interested in learning how Scent Aroma Options might fit into your marketing campaign or would like to start your mobile billboard advertising adventure, be sure to contact Mobile Billboard at 708.667.4196.

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