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Mobile Billboard Advertising is advertising displays that are wrapped around vehicles or the boards and screens that are placed on vehicles and driven around a particular area.  They are considered out-of-home, or outdoor, advertising.

Some of the main types of mobile billboards are:

LED Trucks / Box Trucks – The most typical and familiar type of mobile billboard advertising, trucks can often feature sound systems, scent options, sample boxes, live displays, 3-D displays LED panels and illumination.  The downside to truck advertising is that many cities have banned their use, they can be too large to traverse certain routes and they are nearly commonplace in the human mind.

Trailer Advertising – This type of advertising is the most effective option.  Essentially, a small, thin trailer bed pulls a large display behind a vehicle.  The beauty here is that they can go so many places and are eye-catching because they almost look like they are floating by themselves.  They can feature sound systems, scent options and digital displays.

Scooters – Small scooters can display static or digital advertising with an option for sound or scent systems.  The downside is that the space is quite small to work with and not many people notice scooters on hectic routes.

Human Advertising – Also referred to as “walking billboards” – this encompasses a person wearing a sign that displays a message on both the front and back sides of a single individual.  This is extremely effective for conferences or enclosed spaces where vehicles can’t enter.

Digital – Digital billboards can be on trucks, trailers, scooters or even on walking advertising displays.  You can create a singular message to be played or show an entire story, however your marketing team sees fit.  Sometimes digital billboards sell space to multiple vendors as a scrolling digital billboard option.  This is definitely a cost-saver but the downside is that you are sharing space with several companies and your message may be lost to consumers or seem overcrowded.

The choice you make on which billboard option to select comes down to your budget, marketing goals and venues in which you choose to advertise.  Your marketing team or local advertising agency can help you best ascertain what will be the most effective for your company.  What is fantastic about mobile billboards is that they have massive retention rates (meaning consumers recall the messages better than most other forms of marketing), cost far less and reach more of your target audience than traditional routes.  Find out What Mobile Billboards Can Do For Your Business.

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