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Sound Mobile Billboards in addition to lighting effects, have auditory systems that emit several seconds of audio spots or sounds referring to the product and/or brand. From confirmed sources and research from sound engineers, it appears that, within a certain frame of time, continually repeated short noises in certain circumstances begin to constitute an inseparable unity with that image for the human brain. This means that the previously heard sound easily associates our minds with the image or the situation when we heard that sound for the first time. It also works the other way, that when we see that image, we will remember the sound we heard when we first encountered the billboard.
How does it work in practice?

When you hear Jingle Bells what do you associate with this sound?

If you are from the US, or have spent a part of your life there, most likely Jingle Bells will bring up images in your mind that are associated with Christmas time. This is usually because during that period every person will hear this song on radio or television several times. This is why the combination of visual advertising and sound is so powerful because when the recipient hears a unique sound, without even seeing the billboard, they will associate it with the brand and/or product.

One mobile billboard during the day is just as effective as 25-50 stationary billboards.

The mobile billboard can see between 30,000 and 80,000 people in one day

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Sound Billboards are twice as noticeable than billboards without sound